“Some drummers play what they’re told to play and play it well. Others play what they feel and become synonymous with a musician’s sound by stamping their character upon it. Jack Baker belongs to the latter group”

-       Drummer Magazine, 2010

As the saying goes Jack Baker has many trades. Jack Baker is a noted drummer, record producer and songwriter. Born and raised in London England Jack has become a distinctive musician amongst today’s cutting edge music scene.

Jack is an integral part of the award winning electronic act Bonobo (Ninjatune Records), for whom he has now been recording and touring with for over a decade. His talents as an accomplished and versatile musician have also been recognized as the drummer for highly acclaimed soul singer Alice Russell.

Jack Baker is also a bandleader and musical director with many varying projects on the go including his own solo works.

Having studied music alongside visual arts Jack knows that you have to challenge yourself constantly to make an impact musically.  Always on the lookout for exciting projects Jack spends any spare time in the studio recording and producing music for different artists. Trained in both a lighting, stage design and music production Jack uses all his armory to make sure that whatever he is involved with is technically slick and consistently high in quality.

“Constantly mutating throughout each song, Baker drums like a modern day Elvin Jones, more of a steady solo than mere time keeping”

- Time Out Chicago 2010